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Christopher Columbus!!
by Just Ask! (chloe1988)
at November 7th, 2008 (10:59 am)

*Name: Eleanor
*Age: 20
*Location: The USA.

*Likes: Christmas, reading, chocolate, classical music, the news, sports, getting exercise, golf, Jon and Kate Plus Eight
*Dislikes: CELL PHONES, homework, work in general.
*List 3-5 Positive Things About Yourself: smart, fun, kind
*List 3-5 Negative Things About Yourself: too opinionated sometimes, snobby, prone to laziness and procrastination.
*Ambitions for the Future: I am going to school to be a teacher, and I want to be a mom one day.
*If you could live in any time period, what would it be and why? Ooo, the 1870 because I love Bustles.
*Describe your idea adventure: Having multiples one day (twins, triplets, etc...)

*Passive or Aggressive: Both.
*Selfish or Generous: Both, again.
*Old Fashioned or Modern: Old fashioned
*Do You Prefer to work: Alone or With Others: Alone
*Rules are Meant to be: Broken or Followed: Followed

The Book/Movie and You
*Do you prefer the book or movie? The book!
*Favorite film version/actor or actress from a certain version: I love the 1990's version of LW. I loved the costumes! Everything was perfect.
*Who is your favorite character and why? I love Beth. She is so sweet and innocent.
*Who is your least favorite character and why? Laurie's grandfather.
*Do you have a favorite part of the movie? I love Meg's wedding and the final scene with Professor Behr and Jo and the Umbrella.
*Favorite quote and why? "We'll all grow up one day, Meg. We might as well know what we want."
*If Jo were to write a thrilling operatic tragedy, what kind of character would you like to play? (i.e.: the damsel in distress, the hero, the villain, a magical creature such as a troll or hag, etc.) Oh, definitely the damsel in distress.

Anything Else Nope!


Posted by: renard (acciobatman)
Posted at: November 9th, 2008 01:31 am (UTC)

Amy I think!

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