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カルラ (carla) [userpic]
christopher columbus! xD
by カルラ (carla) (girls_are_weird)
at March 28th, 2009 (10:15 pm)

current location: panama, panama
current mood: excited

i saw the '94 movie for like the thousandth time today. love it to death, but it always makes me depressed, too D: lol, greatest heartbreak of my childhood right there, and i still can't get over it... but anyway, the survey. (i've answered similar questions in other rating comms, so i'm sorry if you've already seen my answers 763932729 times).


*name: carla
*age: 24
*location: panama city, panama. and that's the country, not the beach town in florida.


*likes: food, chemistry, fantasy/sci-fi, anime/manga, movies, astronomy, coca-cola bears, sarcasm, philosophy, pop/rock/punk/any-combination-of-those, and... boy, this question is just too broad!
*dislikes: ants. writer's block. hypocrites. being hungry. musicals. war. people whose first language is english and yet have worse grammar than i do. people who talk to you once and suddenly think they're your BFFs (and will therefore stick to you until you are forced to be rude to them).
*list 3-5 positive things about yourself: i'm happy/hyper 98% of the time. open-minded. positive. i'd like to think i'm smart and i've been told i'm funny (or well, people just laugh even if i'm not trying. i wonder if i should be proud or upset?...)
*list 3-5 negative things about yourself: stubborn. no patience. too sarcastic sometimes. insensitive. keep things bottled up inside. can come off as a loner.
*ambitions for the future: work at NASA, be a published/somewhat famous author, perhaps win one or two nobel prizes... ^____________________^
*if you could live in any time period, what would it be and why? i'd love to live in the age of the great kings of france, french revolution or up to the napoleon era. also, i would have loved to be alive when the first moon landing happened.
*describe your idea adventure: traveling in general. i love visiting new and exciting places, and learning all there is to learn in each one.


*passive or aggressive: not necessarily passive, but i'm generally non-confrontational.
*selfish or generous: depends on who's asking and what they're asking for.
*old fashioned or modern: a bit of both, but i think i lean more towards the modern side.
*do you prefer to work: alone or with others: i've always thought i'm more productive when i'm working in a group.
*rules are meant to be: broken or followed: followed, so long as you keep in mind that there's always an exception to the rule. they're not meant to be completely inflexible.

the book/movie and you

*do you prefer the book or movie? the book, all the way. i mean, i love the movie very, very much of course, and i do watch the movie more than i read the book nowadays, but the fact is, i love it because it's based on the book. i first read LW when i was about 9 years old, and it has been my favorite novel EVER, since that day. i must've read it over 40 times by now. i love the sequels. the novel is just on a whole separate level, i can't really compare them.
*favorite film version/actor or actress from a certain version: the '94 version, as expected. i thought susan sarandon was a fabulous marmee. winona ryder as jo is the stuff dreams are made of. i LOVE gabriel byrne. this movie introduced me to christian bale and i've been a loyal fan ever since. and samantha mathis is exactly how i pictured adult amy to be.
*who is your favorite character and why? well, jo, of course. i've always identified the most with her, her goals, dreams and the flaws and issues she has to deal with. to this day i still consider her pretty much my heroine. perhaps my favorite character EVER in fiction.
*who is your least favorite character and why? i don't have one. i love them all. amy annoyed me a bit when she was a kid, but she absolutely grew on me.
*do you have a favorite part of the movie? i love the bit when laurie is leaving to go to harvard, and jo's there helping him decide which books to take. you know, when he tells her john brooke has meg's glove. i just think it's the sweetest conversation. and of course, there's laurie's proposal, which i have a love/hate thing with. UGH, BREAK MY HEART WHY DON'T YOU. D:
*favorite quote and why? "just as you have always known that you would never marry a pauper, i have always known that i belong to the march family." AH! kills me. every. TIME.
*if jo were to write a thrilling operatic tragedy, what kind of character would you like to play? (i.e.: the damsel in distress, the hero, the villain, a magical creature such as a troll or hag, etc.) how about the funny sidekick? ;) i could play a heck of a mock version of a damsel in distress, if only just to make fun of the stereotype. or probably a villain, that could be really fun.

PIC! (this one's about 2 years old by now, but eh, i haven't changed that much):


Posted by: Kelly (tunnels_of_loce)
Posted at: March 29th, 2009 04:52 am (UTC)
Little Women - Jo

You are definitely Jo March, who is also one of my absolute favorite characters in literature, ever.

Posted by: elysium_22 (elysium_22)
Posted at: May 31st, 2009 05:30 am (UTC)
in the  garden

Jo March

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